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  Tyler 38de219d96 attempt specific_install https://stackoverflow.com/a/11767563 7 months ago
  Tyler 26dbb51403 attempt to bootstrap latest jekyll-github-metadata gem 7 months ago
  Tyler b235021d72 more dependancies 7 months ago
  Tyler fb1b22b646 add jekyll-gist dep 7 months ago
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  Tyler b1e6eb8a55 Oldschool font color tags! 10 months ago
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  EC2 Default User d3031c4b97 test commit to build 11 months ago
  Tyler M a036228142 attempt build without failing dep 1 year ago
  Tyler M 2ee37618d7 testing travisci with simple change 1 year ago
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Update README.md 1 year ago
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  Tyler 0bb30cb824 fucking yaml 2 years ago
  Tyler a64c59810b https://stackoverflow.com/q/23935062 2 years ago
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