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Tyler eea91fcc4b auto nerdtree when opening folder 1 week ago
bin/bin 2 years ago
conky interface fix 1 year ago
figlet remove font that's not mine 5 years ago
fluxbox/.fluxbox add file browser. only works with `nautilus --no-desktop` running already. 2 years ago
fun/bin add resets :: fixes #10 3 years ago
git Merge branch 'master' of 7 months ago
gpg/.gnupg update lots of stuff 3 years ago
i3-desktop remove powerlevel9k 5 months ago
i3-laptop remove powerlevel9k 5 months ago
irssi/.irssi add rizon 2 years ago
karabiner/.config/karabiner new apple keyboard 1 year ago
newsboat/.newsboat add RSS reader config 1 year ago
pacman/etc update pacman.conf with infinality repos 6 years ago
polybar/.config/polybar add polybar config 1 year ago
pygments/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/pygments/styles pygmentize cat and less commands 4 years ago
ranger/.config/ranger update ranger to open files with xdg-utils 5 years ago
scripts/scripts why not 2 months ago
ssh/.ssh small key change 10 months ago
themes/.themes new GTK theme 2 years ago
tmux thanks to 7 months ago
vim auto nerdtree when opening folder 1 week ago
windows remove gimp and flux 1 month ago
xrdb powerline plus solarized 1 year ago
zsh use homebrew ruby 1 week ago
.gitignore ignore compiled script 2 months ago change macos defaults a bit 5 months ago make it pretty 1 year ago


Clone and install using stow

On Windows, install ahk, and launch or compile main.ahk